The Hoos Shop

December 2014: The shop is coming together quite nicely.  This is entirely due to the trusty hard-working shop manager and co-founder Kieran, and Sean, who gave up a primo job as a sled dog handler in Alaska to come to work for Bilderhoos. 

Kieran and Sean are the hoos-elfs who are going to produce Bilderhoos play sets.  (Seriously, I would have put hoos-elf as the title on their business cards but they both nixed that idea.)

These guys are both relatively new to woodworking (though Sean built dog houses in Tanana, AK last year) so they learned how to use the tools as they needed to.

The CNC router -- the key tool in the shop -- was found up in Snohomish in a defunct sign shop, and now has a new life in Olympia, building things that make kids happy.  It required a new, much more solid table, so Kieran had one built by a welding shop in downtown Olympia. 

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