The thing about real kids ...

We had our photo shoot on Sunday. It was a rare sunshiny day in Olympia, the sun trickling through the tall firs.  The kids we tried to arrange ahead of time didn't turn up.  But that didn't matter, because once we got to the park and put together a 'hoos, half a dozen or so kids just ambled over and started climbing and moving boards around.  Some were shy and came near while hugging a parent's knee, but with just the smallest encouragement the shy ones, too, were all over it with big eyes.  I texted that to a friend and she texted back "Of course they are!"

After awhile, Kieran, Sean and David (our 'hoos elves) enlisted the help of whoever was nearest and took the first one apart in order to rebuild another. The requested 'build' was for a rocket, so that's what they set about to make, and the kids helped. Parents stood around watching and asking lots of questions. There was excitement in the air. Or maybe that always happens when the sun shines in Olympia.  Luckily I had plenty of photo releases, and needed most of them. 

The thing about real kids?  It's days later and my heart is still singing. 


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