Bilderhoos 2.0 General Specifications

Wood: 3/4" (19mm) Baltic Birch

Weight:  The Bilderhoos 2.0 63-Piece set is 85 lbs (38kg)

Quantity and size of individual boards 

6    Half-Zee (.75" x 4" x 5.5")
28  1-Zee (.75" x 8" x 5.5")
11   2-Zee (.75" x 8" x 32")
4    Deck Notched 2-Zee (.75" x 8" x 32")
4    Half-2-Zee (2 UP and 2 DN) (.75" x 4" x 32")
8    Deck Boards (.75" x 8" x 32")
2    Roof Triangles (.75 x 12" x 32")

Usage and care recommendations.  Bilderhoos Play Set boards can be compactly stacked when not The Basic 'Hoos Set, stackedin use. 

The Play Set is suitable for indoor play as well as outdoors, though leaving the wooden boards exposed to damp, wet or freezing weather for long periods is not recommended.  If used primarily outside, keep it under cover, or in a dry indoor space such as a shed, garage or play room, or covered porch when not in play.   With proper care, your Bilderhoos 2.0 Play Set will become a family heirloom to be enjoyed by your kids' kids, too.

Colors.  Each board in the 4-color painted set option is a bright color on one side (Rocket Red, Grass Green, Ocean Blue, and Sunbeam Yellow), and a natural wood tone on the other, making the set reversible.  All paint and stains used are child-safe and fade resistant.  All boards are coated with exterior polyurethane. 

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