Mini Tutorial: How to Assemble a 'Hoos

This very brief tutorial will show you how a 'Hoos is put together.  This video shows Bilderhoos version 1.0, not 2.0, but nevertheless it works the same way.


I'm going to show you how to put a Basic 'Hoos together.

First you take the two deck-notched boards, lay them parallel to each other about three feet apart.

Then you lay three 2-Zees right across them -- this will make your floor.

Then you can start building up your wall. Put 2-zees or 1-Zees all the way up and all the way around.  When you want to leave a window, use more 1-Zees. Be sure and leave space for a door so you can get inside.  

When you are building your walls be sure to save five 2-Zees because you're going to need 'em to put on top of the roof triangles and build your roof.  

And there you have it.  Take it down and try buildling something new. There are lots of things you can build with a Bilderhoos!


Notes: In Bilderhoos 2.0 (our latest design) the little anti-tip nibs have disappeared. Instead, we have dedicated Deck Boards (flat -- no nibs -- with four small rectangular holes, one in each corner). Use them with the Deck Notched boards  to make up a floor, deck, upper level: anything that's horizontal. Use the Deck Boards with the Roof Tri to make a roof.

After you have mastered how the boards go together, you can apply the principles to build lots of other things with your 'Hoos 2.0 Play Set boards. To get started, take a look at some structures on the printable guide on the right side of this page.   We figure you'll come up with lots of your own ideas, too!