Bilderhoos Warranty

Bilderhoos will replace any of our boards that break during recommended usage guidelines for as long as your family owns it, so you can make your purchase with confidence.

If you own a Bilderhoos Play Set that was manufactured in 2015 through April 2016, it's made of strong 25mm marine-grade plywood, and each set has its very own unique (and unavoidable) 'footballs'.  We promise these won't affect the integrity of your boards in any way. 

If your set was purchased in May 2016 or thereafter, it'll be made of 18mm Baltic Birch, a tough plywood that's as beautiful as it is resilient. 

While it's true that our early boards are made with marine-grade plywood, they aren't meant to float like a boat!  Treat them as you would your favorite bicycle.  It's OK if they get rained on now and then, but regular exposure to rain and dampness and muggy weather may cause the boards to expand and make the notches tight. Wood naturally expands with the weather, and so we've calibrated our notch size to accommodate normal fluctuation due to humidity in most climates.  If your set's notches become too snug to build with easily, this can usually be remedied by bringing the boards indoors for a few days and letting them acclimate to the drier air. If storing indoors or under cover during the winter isn't possible, stack them so they aren't directly in touch with the ground and are protected from direct exposure to rain with a tarp or waterproof covering.  

Please contact us with any questions.