Bilderhoos Kid-Sized Architectural Play Sets

As of 2021 the fully built sets are no longer available, but if you're handy with woodworking tools (CNC optional) the woodworking plans are available from this site. 

Did you purchase a Bilderhoos Play Set after 2016? These woodworking plans are fully compatible with the existing Bilderhoos boards that were purchased between 2016 and 2021*; by cutting out your own boards you are able to extend a set you already own.  
*The boards of the original sets we built in 2015 were 1" thick, and are not compatible with the woodworking plans.

What is Bilderhoos?

Bilderhoos is a child-size architectural play set that lets your child build a playhouse, a store, a sled, a ranch, a tower - the possibilities are endless.  Designed by a graphic artist and a science professor, Bilderhoos is designed to give your child the kind of flexible play that builds creativity, independence, and engineering skills. The boards by their size and nature encourage cooperative and imaginative play.

Boys and girls both will love the ability to build their own worlds.  

Bilderhoos boards fit together using precision-cut slots to make structures consisting of walls, floors, platforms, and roofs.  The boards are 3/4" thick, strong and visually appealing, and sturdy enough for big kids, even adults, to stand on and climb on.  

No tools are needed to connect the boards together.  Kids can do it themselves!