by for Hoos Architectural Play Set

We got this for our kids for Christmas. We have a wide range of ages and were hoping that this would be enjoyed by the majority of them. Our oldest daughter, almost 16 does not really care about it and the youngest, a 1-year-old, is still too little, but all of the middle kids, ages 3-12, love it! It has kept them busy for hours and they are constantly rearranging the pieces and coming up with new things to play with it. Such a great imaginative toy that will last for a long time. Definitely worth the money and we will consider adding more pieces to our set in the future.

by for Hoos Architectural Play Set

I bought this for my 3 year old.. it's loads of fun for the kids, and for the parents.

I can see this being one of those things that is still around when she is 10. At three the smaller pieces engage the child while the bigger ones are a slight struggle. By 4.5 she can build it herself.

Very well made, teaches great concepts. Building, climbing, hiding, colors and so much more!