Add-On: Longboard 9-Pack

$ 849.00 

  • Add-On: Longboard 9-Pack
  • Add-On: Longboard 9-Pack
  • Add-On: Longboard 9-Pack

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Longboards add a super-power functionality to your 'Hoos builds by making it possible to build longer walls, decks, and roofs.  Build a bunk (or a double-bunk!) for sleepovers, a stage for little performers, a Native American-style longhouse ... what can you imagine?

The Longboard (LB) Pack includes 9 total boards:

  • Three LB Deck* boards;
  • Four LB Wall boards;
  • Two LB Notched Wall boards

Longboards are only available in Reversible (Natural Birch on one side, Painted a bright color on the other)

57.75" x 8" x .75"

Notes about building a sleepover bunk with Longboards:  You will be able to build a double bunk with this Add-On Longboard 9-Pack.   You'll need all three LB Deck boards to add one sleeping bunk to your standard 58-Pc Bilderhoos set. To add the second bunk, place the two LB Notched Wall boards parallel to each other, and place six 2-ZEE boards from your standard 'hoos play set crosswise onto the notches.  

*LB Deck boards are interchangeable as Roof boards when used in conjunction with Roof Triangles.

Currently shipping by end of December.

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