Bilderhoos Architectural Play Set: The Woodworking Plans

$ 20.00 

  • Bilderhoos in one of many configurations
  • Kids build it themselves!
  • Haul the boards outside when the weather's nice
  • In our first wood shop in Olympia, brothers Kieran and Sean in Bilderhoos production mode
  • Bilderhoos board shapes included in the woodworking plans
  • Clockwise from top left: Biscuits and Half-Biscuits; Notched Wall and Notched Base; Longboards (Roof/Deck, Wall, and Notched-Wall); Roof Tri pair.  Not shown: Wall, Base, Roof/Deck boards.
  • Kids building a 'hoos
  • Our 58-Pc Set and a few build ideas.
  • The Bilderhoos Long Boards used in a configuration

This product is currently sold out.

For CNC: .dwg, .dxf; Specifications

INCLUDES: The 8 individual board shape precision dimensions that make up our play sets, PLUS three rare board shapes (the Long Boards, for maximum build and play value*)

We recommend a certain minimum board count for optimum play, however this is entirely up to you.  The sky's the limit: The more of any shape of board you make, the more build and play value there is.  

A CNC Router is not strictly necessary to make these boards.

Make sure your email address is provided, and I will email the files (zipped) to you ASAP once payment is received and confirmed. 

Sorry, no refunds on digital plans, however we are happy to respond to any questions you may have, and provide contact info in the plans packet.

*The Longboards are rare because we made a very limited quantity. They were extremely popular but not viable from a business perspective.  

Happy building!

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